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We recently watched Lars and the Real Girl. It’s a great film and the one thing I really loved about it was how Lars’s brother Gus reacts when Lars introduces his new girlfriend Bianca, who is a life-sized anatomically-correct doll. At one stage Gus says to the doctor: “We’ve got to fix him, can you fix him?” I can easily relate to how Gus felt and how he just wanted to ‘fix’ the problem with Lars.

I’m not sure if it’s a male thing or because I work in software that I relate so much. In software we have things called bugs which are problems found during testing. These bugs are fixed so that they don’t end up in the software when it is released. Not all software bugs are easy to fix, but almost all of them can be fixed. Sometimes I translate this view into life, why can’t we just fix things?

Unfortunately in life, it’s not that easy. Some things aren’t quickly fixed. Some things we can’t fix. For example, housing affordability is a complex issue with lots of different viewpoints and outcomes for many different people. I would love if we could just fix the housing affordability problem in Australia, but unforunately it’s not that simple.

Sometimes Kitty has issues with how things go at work, mainly to do with office politics. I often take the view of “why can’t you just fix it” but I need to remind myself that it’s not that easy. Problems take time to solve, just like Lars’s relationship with Bianca.

The trailer is below.

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2 thoughts on “on fixing things”

  1. I always do the most damage when i try to fix ppl.

    I think ppl are best at fixing themselves.

    I understand, though, that there are many ppl who would disagree with that.

    Ppl are always telling me that things i think are wrong.

    I guess they’re trying to fix me.


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