junior pixels

Introducing junior pixels…


These pixels show the inside of Kitty’s belly.Β  They also sorta show what junior pixels, also known as space prawn, will look like when he/she arrives. It’s apt that all we know about junior pixels is what we can see in these pixels: pixels really have come to represent the very first stages of life.

We’re both crazy excited. The arrival of junior pixels will be a big milestone for our relationship, and will be the beginning of many adventures and good times ahead. I just need to ensure I don’t bore people too much with talk about babies.

We fly to Los Angeles on Friday morning. I just hope we don’t get swine flu when we’re there 😦

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  1. congrats! πŸ˜€ that’s probably the first ultrasound i’ve seen which bears some resemblance to a baby. my nephew’s is like abstract art.


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