very handy

I’m not a huge believer in new years resolutions; I think they’re often too ambitious and focused.

I do like the idea of a new years theme though, and my theme for 2014 is ‘getting handy’.

Let me explain. We recently made the bold move from inner city apartment living to inner suburbia house living. With this move comes domestic responsibility on my behalf as a husband/father. For example, I recently purchased my first ever mower and whipper snipper.

I’ve realized that until now I’ve not been very ‘handy’ and I want to fix that. To me handy is about self-sufficiency, we outsource so many of our jobs now whereas in the past we were so much more DIY. I want to learn how to do things myself. It has fringe benefits too, I recent read that household jobs such as mowing the lawn and washing the car contribute to one’s physical and mental health.

I have a very handy father myself and I’m hoping he can pass the handy baton to me, and then one day I can pass it onto each of my three sons.

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