instagram stories, ffs

A lot of software is made by companies. Companies are all about growth. Growing software means adding new features. So consumers of software are often burdened with ever increasing bloatware containing nonsensical features that someone dreamt up in the name of ‘growth’. Constraints can boost creativity, the same way that endless choice can be paralysing. 

Instagram used to be so simple; square photos and filters, captions as comments. Comments contain no links. Shown in a reverse chronological timeline.

Then they added videos. Then photos of any aspect ratio. Then direct messaging. Then ‘algorithmic’ timelines to show you what they want to show you. Then ‘instagram stories’: disposable video slideshows that last 24 hours. 

Instagram will soon add re-posting, reactions, and who knows what else. 

The same thing happens to almost all software. Evernote once was a great piece of software. Then they added ‘work chat’ and various other needless features. Then everyone left. Each iOS release (mostly) prioritises adding new features over keeping things simple and speedy. 

Does anyone else want good/simple/fast apps to just stay that way?

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