relax, relax; you’re in good hands

I’ve always been a highly-strung sorta guy. There’s benefits to being highly-strung: I’ve got great attention to detail as I’m often over-thinking and over-analysing things, and when bad things do happen I’m not totally surprised. It does however make it very hard for me to relax. 

Whenever I’ve had a physio/osteo/remedial massage treatment the therapist always comments on how tense my muscles are and tells me to relax: but the thing is it’s really hard for me to do. They will tell me ‘let your head go relaxed and floppy’ but it remains stiff and hard to reposition. 

This relaxation thing has been on my mind a lot lately and since I’ve taught myself so many other skills, I want to try to teach myself to relax. 

Over coming months I’ll attempt various alternative therapies and rate each one before, during and after. 

I found a ‘relaxation scale’ which I will use for this exercise:

  1. Totally Relaxed
  2. Very Relaxed
  3. Moderately Relaxed
  4. Fairly Relaxed
  5. Slightly Relaxed
  6. Slightly Tense
  7. Fairly Tense
  8. Moderately Tense
  9. Very Tense
  10. Extremely Tense

My current default state is an 8, and my most relaxed state I can recall is a 5. 

My aim is to ultimately experience a 1 or 2, and have a longer term default of 4 or 5. 

Wish me luck. 

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