you come at people with an open mind…

“You come at people with an open mind, but you never fail to get them wrong.

You get them wrong when you’re with them, or you tell someone about them, and get them wrong again

That’s how we know we are alive. We are wrong.”

I watched four movies flying east at 40,000 feet across the Pacific last week, but this quote is all that I can remember due to my long-haul haze. It’s from a movie called American Pastoral I remember choosing because it stars (and was directed by) Ewan MacGregor.

fantastic fantastic mr fox

Junior pixels turned a quarter of a year old on the weekend, so to celebrate we went to see our first movie as a trio. We decided on Fantastic Mr Fox for a number of reasons. Kitty and I both grew up with Roald Dahl galore, and we both love Wes Anderson films.

Wes didn’t disappoint. The film’s stop motion was amazing, the characters were quirky (George Clooney is awesome) and the soundtrack was great. Roald Dahl would have been impressed. The best thing about it was that Junior Pixels didn’t cry. Awesome.