cat & fish

We love the Cat & Fish books by Neil Curtis & Joan Grant: they have the most amazing illustrations and words.Β We bought two ex-library copies from BetterWorldBooks and Kitty cut out some of our favourite illustrations and framed them for the new sleeping room that Junior Pixels and Little Bear are now sharing. They look fantastic.

Papier mΓ’chΓ© wall trophies

On a recent trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco, I saw these ‘wall trophies’ on sale at Kitty’s favourite store: Anthropologie. They’re quite large, so we could only bring one back to Australia, and we chose the gazelle. Each trophy is hand made in Haiti from recycled materials including old literature written in French. The gazelle looks great on our living room wall.

subway ikea

From 10 to 24 March 2010, IKEA develops an interesting event in four important metro stations in Paris. Furniture collections are currently displayed in high-traffic spots, giving the potential customers a chance to interact with the brand by checking out the products. The subway walls are also filled with prints that showcase IKEA interiors.

~ via freshome

What a great idea! I reckon they should leave the furniture in there permanently at the end of the promo for general use, or else at least donate the items to homeless people.

courtyard centric brisbane home design

I like some of the design elements in this place in the Courier Mail yesterday.Β  I particually like the use of wood, the plumeria in the courtyard, and also the L shaped pond with water lilies. The house is at Fig Tree Pocket (although I am not sure where that is in Brisbane, I think out to the West), and it was designed by Bligh Graham Architects.

Courtyard Brisbane Home

Courtyard Brisbane Home 2

Click for larger images.

flowering succulent in a swan

I recently mentioned the awesome succulent (Kalanchoe Longiflora Coccinea) my sister-in-law gave us as a gift that we planted in a ceramic swam. For the last couple of weeks it has been flowering with beautiful miniture yellow flowers, too hard to resist taking a photo.

Flowering succulent




ikea fusion

We spent the weekend reorganizing our apartment in anticipation of junior pixels. We managed to sell just about all our excess stuff to people in our building (awesome reuse), and got a few new IKEA things that are a bit more practical.

My favourite new item would be our IKEA fusion table and chair set. I love the retro styling and rounded corners, plus the chairs have backs and padded seats which is something our old stools didn’t have.


I will post some pictures of our redone rooms in coming days.

weekend roundup

We had a pretty fun-filled weekend in Brisbane:

  • Friday Night: I had a friend over from work and we drank a couple of Cascade Greens and ate some Texan Beef sausages with fried onions;
  • Saturday Lunch: Kitty and I had Dim Sum at Yum Cha in the city;
  • Saturday Afternoon: We went to see Yes Man at Myer Centre Cinema with some corporate vouchers we got for Christmas: quite an enjoyable movie;
  • Saturday Evening: We went for a drive to Mount Coot-tha. We sat and watched the stars and city lights while drinking our BYO tea and pineapple;
  • Sunday Morning: We went for a walk through South Bank and right along Boundary Street, West End. We spent some time looking in shops including the great Avid Reader store;
  • Sunday Lunch: We cooked burgers. Mine looked so great Kitty took a photo:
Beef burger with free-range egg, beetroot, lettuce, pineapple, cucumber & grated carrot.
Beef burger with free-range egg, beetroot, lettuce, pineapple, cucumber & grated carrot.
  • Sunday Evening: We met K’s little sister for takeaway in the park on Bowen Terrace looking at the Storey Bridge.
  • Sunday Night: I hung the canvases I made last weekend with fabric and frames from IKEA.
Canvas on frame
Canvas on frame
Canvas on frame
Canvas on frame

Canvas on frame
Canvas on frame

They cost $8 each to make, and I still can’t decide on a favourite.

Good times.

stone cairn candle

Kitty bought me a really cool stone cairn candle for our 12th anniversary (of dating) last Friday. It’s made by A Little Light and she got it at Brunswick Heads in NSW. I think it looks so great that I am too scared to actually burn it.

A Little Light Stone Cairn Candle
A Little Light Stone Cairn Candle
Stone Cairn Candle Instructions
Stone Cairn Candle Instructions

our succulent garden

I spent some time this afternoon doing some gardening on the balcony which inspired me to take some photos of some of my favourite plants.

christmas tree

Because we live in a small apartment, and because I like to concept of multi-use, our white tree shaped coat/washing rack becomes our Christmas tree each December. We have a small box of decorations and some dragonfly lights we use to decorate it.

Our Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree

I’m actually really getting into Christmas this year. I bought my first ever Christmas album a week ago. It’s called This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol.1 and features Jack Johnson, Money Mark and Zee Avi. My favourite track is Money Mark’s Stuck at the airport.

This Warm December
This Warm December

young designers market @ south bank on 7 dec 2008

I’ve been approved for a stall at the Young Designers Market @ South Bank in Brisbane on Sunday 7 December 2008 (10:00am-4:00pm).


I’m making a few different items including a match box canvas, some small potplants plus some shopping trolley lamps. It should be good.

his masters voice

We wandered around East Brisbane this morning. We had a great brekkie at The Brown Dog Cafe. We sat outside under a tree with beautiful yellow flowers and had scrambled eggs on turkish toast with loose leaf english breakfast tea. We then browsed all the second hand furniture and home design shops.

One of the second hand furniture stores had an old His Masters Voice wooden cabinet with in built radio,Β  turntable and speakers. It was pretty dirty, but I got it for $30 and I cleaned it up when I got it home.

It came up really nice. I polished the dials and they sparkle. It lights up, but I don’t have any vinyl to test it with. We’re going to use it to rest our TV and creature speakers on. I’m really happy with it.

atomic bonsai

Kitty bought me this ultra cool cardboard atomic bonsai kit in Melbourne. It’s 100% recycled card and was heaps of fun to create a unique tree.

Atomic Bonsai
Atomic Bonsai

From the Atomic Bonsai website:

The idea & design of this Atomic Bonzai (Bonsai) kits are originated in 1997 by an Artist, Joji Okazaki.
I says that generally, natural tree of Bonsai trees are glowing ideally shape to be for many years & a lot of care, but this Atomic Bonsai kits become ideal shape for just a minute.
Everyone can enjoy this instant beauty shaped paper trees anytime & anywhere.

rearranging our apartment

We went shopping last Saturday and bought ourselves a pure latex mattress from ZenTai. We went for latex as it is a natural product and it doesn’t attract dust. Installing the new mattress inspired us to do a quick rearrange/redesign of our apartment. We are aiming for a more minimal/streamlined look incorporating succulent plants, neutral tones and some bright highlights such as the red ‘Love’ sign.

Apartment Rearrange One

Apartment Rearrange Two

Apartment Rearrange Three

transforming an op-shop painting

I picked up this framed acrylic painting at a local lifeline op shop. It’s weird but something about it that made me want to buy it. Besides, it was only twenty bucks. It’s about two meters wide.

I’m thinking of transforming it into something fresh using some street art techniques. I am trying to decide between traditional graffiti, stencil, sticker and poster art. I’ll be sure to post some photos of the finished product when I do get around to actually deciding and doing.

buffalo tiger op shop painting