🎶 pictures in my head

I can’t get enough of this track right now, a killer combo of lyrics and beats.

“We ain’t playing hide and seek
Got a different game instead
Building cities out of sheets
I’m reminiscing about when
You told me you only want to wake up in my arms
Wake up in my arms
Building cities out of sheets
Seeing pictures in my head”


importing a podcast audio track into an itunes library

I listen to various DJ mixes that are released as podcasts and I’ve been looking to import these into my iTunes music library for easy listening.

It turns out this is pretty simple to do but I often forget the steps so recording here for remembrance:

  1. Select audio track in iTunes Podcast section
  2. Choose File → Convert → Convert ID3 Tags
  3. Tick ID3 Tag Version and select “v1.1”
  4. Click OK
  5. Right click audio track and choose “Show in Finder”
  6. Copy the file to your desktop (or some other temporary place)
  7. In iTunes choose File → Add to Library… and choose the newly copied file

Convert ID3 Tags

If you could only choose one musical genre or artist for a day, what would it be?

“If you could only choose one musical genre or artist for a day, what would it be?”

This is another tricky question as a lot of the music I listen to isn’t by artists per se, but rather a DJ that blends lots of different music and sounds together. So listening to some of my favourite ‘artists’ right now (The Funk Hunters, Krafty Kuts, DJ Vadim) would actually mean listening to lots of different artists which would break the singular choice.  

So I looked at this question in another way: which artist is not only genre defining but unique in their own genre(s) to which they belong? 

Fat Freddy’s Drop is a reggae/dub group from Wellington who I rate as one of my all time favourite artists, as well as unique in that there’s no other band I’d really put into the same genre. Since each FFD track is about 10 minutes long and they have plenty of albums and live sessions available: I’d happily listen to Fat Freddy’s Drop for an entire day.

Next question for K:

“In what areas are you happy to be ‘good enough’?”

blow a kiss, fire a gun

Sometimes I wonder how I’ve missed something so good for so long: genius.com comes to mind. I’ve only recently discovered the Genius site despite it being around since 2009 when it started as ‘Rap Genius’. So what is Genius?

Genius is the world’s biggest collection of song lyrics and crowdsourced musical knowledge.

I love listening to hip-hop and electronic music but sometimes I can’t fully hear or understand the lyrics which is where Genius.com is literally genius: the lyrics to just about every song are on there with annotations/explanations of what each line means with links to other songs, pop-cultural references etc.

I looked up Lean On by Major Lazer & DJ Snake as I couldn’t work out what the “Blow a kiss, fire a gunAll we need is somebody to lean on” chorus means.

MØ (who sings on the track) actually has provided an explanation on Genius:

“No matter if you’re blowing a kiss or firing a gun, no matter if you’re a lover or a warrior, whatever you are, we all need someone to lean on. Even if you’re a drug dealer and a killer or whatever you still need love, basically.”

~ MØ on the lyrics on the chorus

play school remixes

Triple J is currently running a remix contest of the Play School theme song.

As someone who grew up watching Play School, and now having seen our three boys grow up watching Play School, it’s very much part of Australian culture and there would be very few Australians that wouldn’t recognize the theme song.

My favourite remix so far is by Killboy:

“Staring at the man in the mirror hey
I know it’s the end of an era, say,
don’t know what I should do
I wish I could rewind to yesterday
But will I get it back? Will it ever change?
I don’t know what I should do

I don’t want to grow up
I don’t want to live a life like another grown-up
I just want to take it old back to the Play School days
So show a little love for the soap box, so what…”

Awesome stuff.

when doves cry

I imagine millions of doves will be crying all around the world today with the news of Prince’s death. I’m such a sad dove right now.

Here’s such a classic song covered for Like A Version.


r.i.p. dj ajax

I’ve always admired all of DJ Ajax’s stuff, especially his Bang Gang DJs stuff (like the Light Sound Dance Grey Disc). I was saddened to read this tonight:

“DJ Ajax was crossing a road in Parkville, an inner-Melbourne suburb, in the early hours of 28 February 2013 when he was hit by a truck and died at the scene.”

RIP dude.

fat freddys drop @ the tivoli 27 may 2011

We went to see Fat Freddy’s Drop tonight at the Tivoli in Brisbane. It was one of two Australian shows this month, so we felt pretty special to see them live again. We had choice spot on the upper right balcony which meant the view was especially awesome.

Their new material was especially enjoyable, I look forward to their new album later this year.

gotan project at the brisbane powerhouse

We were lucky enough to get our hands on some great tickets to see the Gotan Project at the Brisbane Powerhouse last Saturday night. Wow; what a show. We didn’t really know what to expect, but it was a mish-mash of beats, a large video screen, various instrumentals and superb Argentinian vocals. Absolutely amazing, absolutely spectacular. Wow.