ipod mirror

I recently decided to upgrade replace my ipod (named podii) with a 160 gig one so I can carry around all my music, movies and pictures in one device. I took  some photos of podii to sell on ebay. One of the photos of podii’s back looked quite cool as it mirrored the Chinese dragons from one of our walls and the lucky bamboo on our table.

Ipod Reflection

My new silver 160 gig ipod is named hottie and is very nice to use and play.

nyc’s only drive-in cinema

Grand Opening‘ is New York City’s only drive-in cinema where, for two screenings a day, you can hire and sit in a 1965 ford falcon covertible and watch a movie. A film from 1960 was the first shown and films from each year since are being shown cronologically. The best part is that it is all temporary, when this year’s films are shown, it closes down. The same shop (and same owners) has already been a ‘Barn’ sales display and a ‘Pong’ parlour, hence the name ‘Grand Opening’. I wonder what the new Grand Opening will be next month?

Grand Opening NYC

the language report

I have borrowed and I am reading ‘the language report‘ by Susie Dent. I have put together a list of my favourite words so far:

bolotics: a combination of nonsense and political correctness (= bollocks and politics) page. 18

gratters: a colloquial term at school and university for ‘congratulations’. (originally from 1903) page. 7

divvy: extremely pleasant, ‘divine’, ‘heavenly’. This word derives from the first syllable of divine. (again from 1903) page. 7

to text: to send a text message. This is an example of a recent ‘verbed noun’. page. 19

shopgrifting: the practice of buying an item, using it, and then returning it for a full refund. page. 27

ham: a piece of legitimate email that was wrongly filtered as spam by an anti-spam programme.

Language Report

car parking tickets at brisbane international airport

I took Kitty to the airport today as she is going to Italy for two weeks (lucky thing). I parked in the short stay car park to take her into the airport and say goodbye. I noticed that my car park ticket that I collected on the way in (from a standard ticket machine) actually had my car registration on it. There must have been a camera at the ticket machine that took a photo of my number plate, and OCR‘ed it, all within seconds of me pulling up!

Car Park Ticket

I then started to wonder about the reasons for doing this (surely it can’t be cheap to have this sort of system running). It is probably for their own legal/security reasons so that they know exactly what cars and coming in and leaving. I then thought of some scenarios that I could test the system with.

Firstly, how would it handle those funny/pretentious registration plates that use numbers for letters (eg. 5 is a S, 8 is a B etc.). Would this system recognise these correctly? What if my number plate read “8OO8S”?

Secondly, if someone tried to leave in my car, but using a ticket from a different car (ie. someone is trying to steal my car), would the system stop this person from driving out with my car?

What if I didn’t have a number plate on my car?

What if my number plate was dirty?

What if I wanted to park my push bike? A wheelchair? A horse? I would be interested to know.

at home, sick.

i have spent the last two days lying in bed, sick.

two days ago i woke up with a headache that felt like somebody was repeatedly hitting me in the head with a large concrete block. this and a very sore throat. i started taking medication but the headache seems to not want to quit.


the worst part about being sick is that i can’t and don’t want to listen to music. as someone who lives through listening to music this suddenly makes my life weird. some reasoning:
a) i don’t want to threaten future enjoyment of particular music through negative association with being sick; and
b) i can’t physically stand the thought of listening to any music with my head in such a way.

the best part about lying in bed sick is that i have had time to read two books: detour by james siegel and the tipping point by malcolm gladwell.

the other thing about lying in bed sick is that, and i am not sure if it is just me, i manage to notice lots of small home projects that would be perfect to work on. for example, i would love to reorganise my paper files and restructure the bookshelf. the problem is that i am not physically able to work on these projects because i am lying in bed sick. this may be easier to explain on an indexed style graph:

Home Projects when Sick

i hope i am able to listen to music again soon!

tonight is once in a blue moon

yes that’s right, tonight the moon is blue, meaning that there is a full moon for the second time in a single month.

this doesn’t happen that often, hence the metaphorical phrase associated with it. the next time you can see this is on the 31st december 2009.

i went and took a quick photo of the moon tonight, just in case it was actually blue. sadly, it wasn’t.

Blue Moon 30 June 2007

beam tech ltd – one way to the milky way from south bank

a while ago i noticed this shipping container in the alley behind rydges hotel at south bank. it wasn’t the container itself that stood out, but rather the words painted on it.

Beam Tech Ltd Small


Beam Tech Ltd
Personal Pod Package:
one way to milky way: $79.95*

* illegal citizen card holders only
extreme black hole a denture extra charge
atmosphere not guaranteed

positions available
outerflight entertainers apply within

We accept
Orion Platinum
Royal Mercury
Southern Cross Express

the only thing i can find on the internet about this is a resume of Genevieve Staines who mentions involvement in the “BEAM TECH LTD. INTERGALACTIC TRAVEL CENTRE” project in 2005.

You can view this on my google map of brisbane.

matchbox computer

after i posted pictures of my ‘heat wave‘ mural made out of ‘red heads’ match boxes, i started to google match boxes to see if i could find other creative items people had made.

my favourite find was on makezine. it is a personal computer case made to look like a giant matchbox. it would be better if it actually wasn’t made out of cardboard (i think it is kinda dangerous), but i ♥ the fact that it slides open just like a real match box, and even has the gray area on the side to strike the matches.

Matchbox PC

minimiam (miniature people interacting with oversized pieces of food and fruit)

I love the minimiam site. It’s basically some excellent macro photography of miniature people interacting with oversized pieces of food and fruit. Each time i look at one i can’t help but make up a story, or at least some dialog about what is going on. I also really love how each scene starts as a close up, and that the second image reveals the full context.

I find that the site has some major navigation usability issues, so i have posted some of my favourite photos here to be easily enjoyed: