Home Design Scrapbook

This is a collection of modern home and garden designs that i dig, pardon the pun.

Click each thumbnail for a detailed view.

Courtyard Brisbane Home

Courtyard Brisbane Home 2


Succulent Garden 01

Succulent Garden 02

Succulent Garden 03

Succulent Garden 04

Nice pool with fountains Plunge pool with BambooNice SucculentsNice Simple Courtyard with Stones Nice Hedging Natural Infinity Pool Electic Family Farmyard House Nice courtyardNice courtyard

Money Trees (Crassula ovata)

Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) Frangipani Tree (Plumeria Alba) Bonsai Money Tree (Crassula ovata) Bonsai Jade Plant (Crassula ovata) Agave Attenuata

pre fab home on sunshine coast
pre fab home on sunshine coast
old water tank converted into a pool
old water tank converted into a pool

Wooden Front Door

Home Theatre Garden

Nice Feel BambooGraf CanvasHouse CourtyardIndustrial BathroomLap PoolLines of PlantsCute Mini Cargo Container

Indoor Murial CourtyardOpen HouseCourtyard water featureDay Bed with frangipanis

North QLDPolished ConcretePolished Concrete InteriorPolished Concrete InteriorTownhouseTownhouse CourtyardWooden Interior

Mozi Designs Interior

Bronte Beach House

glassic soho flat

Kithaus 4

Kithaus 3


Roof Top Pool

Inner city space - inside out

nice two storey addition to a hundred year old cottage

amazing-view.jpgbathroom-with-courtyard.jpgbathroom.jpgbunks.jpgcool-townhouse.jpgcool-tree.jpgcourtyard.jpgfake-butterflys.jpgfrangipani.jpgTewantin TwoTewantin One

14 thoughts on “Home Design Scrapbook”

    1. Hi

      I was wondering if you recall which magazine the shipping container coffee table came from so that I can try and see if they can help us track it down.



  1. I love the scrapbook idea – do you use a particular tool to do the thumbnails? I have found if I insert a picture as a thumbnail I can’t click on it to view a larger size version as your page does? Thanks.


    1. I don’t have a particular tool to do the thumbnails. I just use insert image.
      On the insert image dialog there is an option to link to the original image, make sure this is set.
      Otherwise it won’t link to anything.


  2. How peculiar. I am an architect who also does a bit of installation art on the side, so I stumbled across this site after searching Brisbane Street Art. A quick poke around and I find this tidy little gallery with the work of some of my local colleagues and some intriguing international gems. Looks like I’m not the only one interested in crossing the boundaries. At Cloud Dwellers, we are probably the only people in Brisbane who can design you a building, and then cover it in our artwork.


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