stranger than fiction

IF YOU think your morning has got off to a bad start spare a thought for the man whose house was demolished by mistake.

The crew from Danielโ€™s Demolitions turned up to a house in Bankstown and began tearing the property down.

They thought they were knocking down the right house, but a mix-up over numbers on letterboxes led to the mistake.

~ source

Far out. This reminds me of the scene in Stranger than Fiction when Harold Crick’sย apartment is accidentally demolished whilst he is sitting in his lounge room trying to do nothing.


long haul haze

I do quite a few long haul international flights per year for work, and it wasn’t until a colleague recently pointed it out to me, that I realised that I, like many people, upon check in to the airport go into a zombie-like haze for the entire duration of my long haul flight(s). 

During my recent trip to Canada I vaguely remember being in such a state of consciousness whilst watching a movie on the plane called Demolition which was about a guy taking things apart. Watching that film mostly non-compos-mentis at 40,000 feet was a surreal experience