If you could only choose one musical genre or artist for a day, what would it be?

โ€œIf you could only choose one musical genre or artist for a day, what would it be?โ€

This is another tricky question as a lot of the music I listen to isn’t by artists per se, but rather a DJ that blends lots of different music and sounds together. So listening to some of my favourite ‘artists’ right now (The Funk Hunters, Krafty Kuts, DJ Vadim) would actually mean listening to lots of different artists which would break the singular choice.  

So I looked at this question in another way: which artist is not only genre defining but unique in their own genre(s) to which they belong? 

Fat Freddy’s Drop is a reggae/dub group from Wellington who I rate as one of my all time favourite artists, as well as unique in that there’s no other band I’d really put into the same genre. Since each FFD track is about 10 minutes long and they have plenty of albums and live sessions available: I’d happily listen to Fat Freddy’s Drop for an entire day.

Next question for K:

โ€œIn what areas are you happy to be โ€˜good enoughโ€™?โ€

fat freddys drop @ the tivoli 27 may 2011

We went to see Fat Freddy’s Drop tonight at the Tivoli in Brisbane. It was one of two Australian shows this month, so we felt pretty special to see them live again. We had choice spot on the upper right balcony which meant the view was especially awesome.

Their new material was especially enjoyable, I look forward to their new album later this year.

fat freddy’s drop @ the northern, byron bay

We saw Fat Freddy’s Drop live at the Northern in Byron Bay last Saturday night. They were really good, but not as good as last time I saw them in Brisbane, probably because they played mainly new stuff (unreleased) so I didn’t really know that many songs. It is probably a better idea to tour after releasing a new album, as that way the crowd can get into the new songs they know. It was a great night nonetheless.



I haven’t written here for some time. The reason is that nothing much exciting at all has been happening lately in my world. To be honest, the most exciting thing to happen to me today was seeing these photos, which I thought were pretty amazing:

a unique underwater perspective of goldfish scooping
a unique underwater perspective of goldfish scooping

Some other notable mentions:

  • We renewed our lease on our unit for yet another year (fourth year: end April 2010). The increase was $15 p.w (3%) which is okay; landlords are definitely more nervous and less cocky at the moment.
  • We are going to Byron on the weekend to see Fat Freddy’s Drop, which should be wicked mad: can’t wait!
  • I am going to attend my first ‘Cactus & Succulent Society of QLD’ meeting next Monday night in Brisbane: I hope to see one of these.
  • Work has been pretty shite: I can’t wait to be on holidays.
  • I’ve been checking out this Brisbane based photo blog: paletendril, which is fucking amazing.
  • We went to Canberra a week ago for a wedding. The weekend was full of mixed feelings but I couldn’t wait to get back to Brisbane: home is where you make it.

fat freddy’s drop touring oz in march 2009

My pretty much all-time favourite band are touring Australia next month. With a choice between the Tivoli in Brisbane on a Friday, or two gigs (Saturday & Sunday) in Byron Bay, we opted for Byron, with the added bonus of the Byron tix being about $20 cheaper.


The last time I saw them was in late 2007 and they blew me away so it has been a long time coming: I can’t wait!

  • 9 Mar 2009: Palace Metro ,Melbourne
  • 20 Mar 2009: HQ, Adelaide
  • 21 Mar 2009: Enmore Theatre, Sydney
  • 27 Mar 2009: The Tivoli, Brisbane
  • 28 Mar 2009: The Great Northern, Byron Bay
  • 29 Mar 2009: The Great Northern, Byron Bay

fat freddy’s drop @ the tivoli 4-11-2007

We saw Fat Freddy’s Drop at The Tivoli last night. OMG.

We arrived around eight. DJ Katch was already warming up the growing crowd with his hip-hop beats. He dropped some old favourites as well as some new tracks from the forthcoming Resin Dogs LP.

At around nine, Belleruche appeared on stage. Admittedly I hadn’t heard of them before. It turns out they are three piece from London and sound like a cross between Portishead and Moloko. The singer, Kathrin deBoer, was flaunting her shoulders on stage like Nina Persson. Her voice was sweet too. Their combination of singer, guitarist and turntablist worked very well.

Belleruche played for an hour or so and the crowd was building up in anticipation of Fat Freddy’s Drop. I can’t actually really describe the Fat Freddy’s Drop experience using 26 different characters, but I can say:

  • They played for over two hours;
  • They played lots of new songs from their forthcoming album;
  • They blew my mind;
  • The 20 minute-ish version of ‘Wandering Eye’ was incredible; and
  • The closing track ‘Roady’ rocked the casbah, especially when Kathrin from Belleruche sang the female vocals.

Good times.

Fat Freddyโ€™s Drop

Fat Freddyโ€™s Drop Ticket