subway ikea

From 10 to 24 March 2010, IKEA develops an interesting event in four important metro stations in Paris. Furniture collections are currently displayed in high-traffic spots, giving the potential customers a chance to interact with the brand by checking out the products. The subway walls are also filled with prints that showcase IKEA interiors.

~ via freshome

What a great idea! I reckon they should leave the furniture in there permanently at the end of the promo for general use, or else at least donate the items to homeless people.

ikea fusion

We spent the weekend reorganizing our apartment in anticipation of junior pixels. We managed to sell just about all our excess stuff to people in our building (awesome reuse), and got a few new IKEA things that are a bit more practical.

My favourite new item would be our IKEA fusion table and chair set. I love the retro styling and rounded corners, plus the chairs have backs and padded seats which is something our old stools didn’t have.


I will post some pictures of our redone rooms in coming days.

date night, disco dancing & choklad mörk

I think I’m getting old.

Date Night & Disco Dancing

Last night was Date Night™. Every now and then we go out for a night as though we are dating again, even though we’ve been together almost twelve years. We got the idea from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy where one of the guys gave a tip about how to make your relationship last: ‘never stop dating’.

We started by catching a CityCat to New Farm where we had drinks and a lovely dinner at Watt by the river. We then caught a CityCat back to the city and went to Friday’s Riverside Bar for some dancing.

The two hours of Friday’s drink specials were just about finished so all the eighteen somethings were rather inebriated.

I felt really old. We enjoyed dancing anyway.

Ikea® Choklad Mörk

We went to Ikea® last Thursday night to avoid the crowd of tourists who only go on weekends. Ikea® decided it was a good idea to stack blocks of Choklad at the checkouts. It’s made in Germany so they pay someone in a German factory to make it, wrap it in foil then ship it across the world and then pay someone to sell it to me for one dollar. It hardly seems worthwhile.

Not too long ago, I would have picked up a couple of blocks of MjölkChoklad (Milk Chocolate), but last Thursday I went for the pile of Choklad Mörk instead.

Photo by K

I felt really old: I’ve switched to dark chocolate.

Kitty’s got this theory you see. The older you get, the more cocoa you like in your chocolate. K’s parents rarely eat anything less than 70%. That’ll be me soon.