five new things that just aren’t the same

One: MP3s vs Vinyl

There is something great about the experience of listening to a piece of vinyl spinning around on a turntable. Even the large cardboard album cover of a LP was asthetic. Listening to compressed mp3s on an ipod doesn’t produce the same warm sound or experience.

Two: Cards vs Cash

I believe that one of the main reasons that we, as a society, are so indebted is that we mainly use cards instead of cash. Cash has the effect of feeling very real. I don’t get this much nowadays because I mainly transact electronically. The different between one grand and ten grand in my bank is a single digit on the ‘puter screen, the difference between one grand cash and ten grand cash is very real. I understand that cards are much more safe, but are they? With all the phishing, scamming, swiping, frauding and the like, maybe we should all just use plain old cash. I reckon they should make people pay for houses in cash too, it would quickly stop people overpaying for housing. Handing over 500K in cash would feel very serious and real, even if it wasn’t all yours.

Three: Digital Photography vs Analog Lomography

There’s something amazing about Lomo. I haven’t seen a digital camera that captures the same warmth. Digital cameras are all just bits, bytes and pixels.

Four: Modern Architecture vs Gargoyles

I often walk around looking at buildings in cities, and most of the time I like the old ones much better than the new ones. The old ones were often made of stone, and were handcrafted and ascetically pleasing. The new ones are mostly built hastily to maximize investor profit. There’s an old building near my work that has gargoyled cats… Why don’t they put gargoyled cats on buildings anymore?

Five: VHS vs Internet Video

I enjoy watching music video clips. I used to have a collection that I recorded off Rage onto VHS. Sometimes I relive those days and watch them on the Internet (YouTube), but the quality sucks. Why was my 1980’s VHS better quality than YouTube? Why is YouTube all pixelated and splotchy? It is 2008.

my china doll

We were walking home along Melbourne St in South Brisbane the other night when Kitty spotted some cool photos in the windows of the building (Raw space galleries) just West of the Fox Hotel. They were amazing so I googled them today.

The collection of self portraits is called My China doll by Beijing photographer Qui Zhen. There’s some more background information and the original images here. But if you’re in Brisbane then walk past and have a look, because, like most photos, they’re better in real life.

world press photo 08 is coming to the brisbane powerhouse

I was disappointed that we didn’t have enough time in Sydney last weekend to visit the World Press Photo 08 collection at the State Library of NSW. I was really excited then yesterday, when flipping through the Brisbane Powerhouse booklet, to see that it’s on display here next month.

world press photo 08

If you haven’t seen a World Press Photo collection before you really should this year. There’s no excuse not to, it’s on from 12-30 June 2008 and it’s free.

You can get a taste of things to come at the World Press Photo site, but I must warn you that viewing the site’s tiny images on a potentially uncalibrated, slightly dirty computer screen is nothing like seeing them in real life.

a day in sydney

We spent a fun filled Saturday in Sydney. It was a beautiful autumn day with clear skies. We had brekky In Paddington and then walked to Bondi Junction, calling in at the Paddington markets on the way. We did lunch on Bondi Beach and spent the afternoon in the city.

The Australian Centre for Photography is excellent. The subjects and the styles of work displayed in the Head On: Alternative Portraits collection was amazing.

new wordpress monotone photoblogger theme

I am absolutely blown away by how cool the new monotone theme is. I haven’t seen anything like it before. Each page displays a single post (a photo and some prose) and the page automatically changes the background colour and width to suit the photograph creating a truly elegant photoblog.


It makes me want to learn photography, buy a digital SLR and start a photoblog.

If you do photography and don’t have a free blog then now is the time to start one!

digital photo frame shaped like a polaroid photo

Polaroid will soon cease production of Polaroid film. According to David Friedman, the last product that polaroid should make is ‘a digital picture frame that makes sure the familiar look of a Polaroid photo lives on‘.

He even creates some very cool mock images of it both standing up and pinned to a cork board. I love that you can write on it by hand because ‘sometimes it’s nice to preserve at least a little bit of the old way of doing things‘.




I love one of the comments on the post also:

The icing on the cake would be adding in an aging filter… as the photos get older, they fade slightly and turn brownish green.

ipod mirror

I recently decided to upgrade replace my ipod (named podii) with a 160 gig one so I can carry around all my music, movies and pictures in one device. I took  some photos of podii to sell on ebay. One of the photos of podii’s back looked quite cool as it mirrored the Chinese dragons from one of our walls and the lucky bamboo on our table.

Ipod Reflection

My new silver 160 gig ipod is named hottie and is very nice to use and play.

minimiam (miniature people interacting with oversized pieces of food and fruit)

I love the minimiam site. It’s basically some excellent macro photography of miniature people interacting with oversized pieces of food and fruit. Each time i look at one i can’t help but make up a story, or at least some dialog about what is going on. I also really love how each scene starts as a close up, and that the second image reveals the full context.

I find that the site has some major navigation usability issues, so i have posted some of my favourite photos here to be easily enjoyed: