cool bonsai art show at south brisbane

Yesterday on a walk we discovered by chance a show at the Arts Factory Gallery at South Bank titled “Nature of the Duchess” by Monique and Faye Dobson. It contains lots of bonsais and antiques mixed with art and categorized by world region (Australia, the US, the UK, Japan and Africa), and all the plants and art are for sale.

I really enjoyed the combination of art, furniture, collectibles and bonsai. The bonsai that Faye has grown and displayed are amazing, some of the best I have ever seen. She has an amazing old fig for sale that I would love to buy but I think it’s out of our price range.

The show is on for the next couple of weeks (until October 5th) and Monique and Faye are planning on conducting some art and bonsai classes, which can be arranged via Check it out before it disappears!

crateman’s crate men in south bank

Kitty and I were walking past South Bank this week when we saw what looked like giant lego men all over the QPAC building. On closer inspection, we realized they were milk crates, and were work of Crateman, aka Cornelius Brown from Melbourne. I quickly too some snaps because they’re part of the Brisbane Festival which finishes on the 25 September. If you want to see them, I’d get down there quick smart.

south brisbane street art

The empty block next to us is about to be developed, which is a shame as it has quite an eclectic collection of street art. The old brick walls on the site make the perfect texture for all sorts of art, so I thought I’d ignore the ‘do not enter’ sign and capture these before they’re gone forever.

still my favourite pizza place in brisbane

We still love going to Oliver and Co. at South Brisbane (Melbourne St: SW1 complex) for pizza. They open every day for lunch and Tuesday-Sat for dinner. The pizzas are still great, although there’s more choice now and they’re homemade and still $10 each.

I took a photo of the menu for reference:

Oliver and Co. Pizza Menu
Oliver and Co. Pizza Menu

young designers market @ south bank on 7 dec 2008

I’ve been approved for a stall at the Young Designers Market @ South Bank in Brisbane on Sunday 7 December 2008 (10:00am-4:00pm).


I’m making a few different items including a match box canvas, some small potplants plus some shopping trolley lamps. It should be good.

my china doll

We were walking home along Melbourne St in South Brisbane the other night when Kitty spotted some cool photos in the windows of the building (Raw space galleries) just West of the Fox Hotel. They were amazing so I googled them today.

The collection of self portraits is called My China doll by Beijing photographer Qui Zhen. There’s some more background information and the original images here. But if you’re in Brisbane then walk past and have a look, because, like most photos, they’re better in real life.

anh do, the chasers & akmal

We really enjoyed seeing a few comedy shows this week at QPac.

We saw Anh Do on Wednesday night who was excellent. He told a dark and serious story of how his family migrated to Australia in a light and humorous way. Kitty was amazed at how funny he was, and he didn’t even need to swear! Not that swearing isn’t funny. One of his father’s sayings stuck in my mind, there’s only two times in life, now and too late.

On Friday night we saw The Chaser’s Age of Terror Variety Hour. We had awesome seats in row BB; the second row from the front! The four seats in front of us were empty as well, so we were practically front row. At the start of the show, both Julian and Chas walked stumbled through our row and Chas tripped on my (long) legs. Funny. Being so close to the front also meant some extra close calls but luckily no embarrassment ensued. The show was funny and included lots of witty powerpoint slides.

Tonight, Sunday night, we saw Akmal Saleh. Akmal was also hilarious as he started by purposefully offending members of the audience. Whilst the structure of his show was similar to when we saw him at the PowerHouse last year, his audience participation and impromptu stories ensured the content was varied yet witty.

It’s probably not fair to play favourites considering all three shows were so different, but Anh Do wins as he was not only funny, but he also delivered a very strong message influenced by his childhood: life is a blessing.