field with dandelions, philadelphia

Browsing through Instagram today I found a random comment about a large green ‘plastic wrapped’ building in Philadelphia with a lens you can look into to see some art. Unfortunately the description of the location was rather nebulous (‘near Monk’s Cafe’) but I still managed to find it during my lunchtime walk today (it was on the corner of Chancellor St and S 16th Street after all).

The art installation is called ‘Field with Dandelions’ and it consists of the building wrapped in a plastic dandelion field print and a small lens which looks into a diorama of a field with dandelions. Quite amazing really. I’m glad I found it!



south brisbane street art

The empty block next to us is about to be developed, which is a shame as it has quite an eclectic collection of street art. The old brick walls on the site make the perfect texture for all sorts of art, so I thought I’d ignore the ‘do not enter’ sign and capture these before they’re gone forever.

street art as home art

I like displaying photos I’ve taken of street art in our home. When I find something interesting on the street, I quickly take a snap of it in case it vanishes one day. I loved this train carriage I saw at Hamilton last Sunday.

Hamilton, Brisbane
Hamilton, Brisbane

I’m don’t think I’m alone. I have heard celebrities are commissioning bits of street art by Banksy to hang in their homes. This raises the question about whether it’s truly street art then.

I didn’t think too much about my obsession having street art in our apartment until I spoke with my Big Issue street vendor today. He was the happiest I had ever seen him because he finally had been given a place of his own to live in after many years on the street.

I was hoping to make him something to hang on his wall in his new place, to make it feel homely. It then occurred to me that I can’t really give him photos of street art though, can I? Surely it wouldn’t make him feel at home; it might actually make him feel like he’s on the street again.

So I’m stuck at what to make or give him. Maybe a succulent is a good idea. I think living plants (as opposed to plastic) always seem to make somewhere feel homely.

photo gallery of kl & langkawi highlights

These are some of the things we found interesting/tasty in Kuala Lumpur and Langkawi.

street art in kl

It was our last full day in KL today, so we took the super quick light rail to Chinatown. When we got off the train at Pasar Seni station I was surprised to see lots of great street art, mostly stencil based.

We are flying to BKK tomorrow morning. I can’t wait.

a day in sydney

We spent a fun filled Saturday in Sydney. It was a beautiful autumn day with clear skies. We had brekky In Paddington and then walked to Bondi Junction, calling in at the Paddington markets on the way. We did lunch on Bondi Beach and spent the afternoon in the city.

The Australian Centre for Photography is excellent. The subjects and the styles of work displayed in the Head On: Alternative Portraits collection was amazing.

back on land

We spent the last week on wonderful North Stradbroke Island. The first two days were cold and wet so I read all day. The remaining five were warm, sunny and beautiful so not a lot of reading got done!

Some highlights were:

  • Playing our own backyard pΓ©tanque tournament: we were beaten 2 to 1;
  • Finishing Duma Key: it’s an enjoyable read;
  • Seeing the amazing Pandanus Palms: at Point Lookout;
  • Spotting some street art: courtesy of that_knight_guy; and
  • Staring at the colour of the amazing ocean.

North Stradbroke Horizon


transforming an op-shop painting

I picked up this framed acrylic painting at a local lifeline op shop. It’s weird but something about it that made me want to buy it. Besides, it was only twenty bucks. It’s about two meters wide.

I’m thinking of transforming it into something fresh using some street art techniques. I am trying to decide between traditional graffiti, stencil, sticker and poster art. I’ll be sure to post some photos of the finished product when I do get around to actually deciding and doing.

buffalo tiger op shop painting