flowering succulent in a swan

I recently mentioned the awesome succulent (Kalanchoe Longiflora Coccinea) my sister-in-law gave us as a gift that we planted in a ceramic swam. For the last couple of weeks it has been flowering with beautiful miniture yellow flowers, too hard to resist taking a photo.

Flowering succulent





I haven’t written here for some time. The reason is that nothing much exciting at all has been happening lately in my world. To be honest, the most exciting thing to happen to me today was seeing these photos, which I thought were pretty amazing:

a unique underwater perspective of goldfish scooping
a unique underwater perspective of goldfish scooping

Some other notable mentions:

  • We renewed our lease on our unit for yet another year (fourth year: end April 2010). The increase was $15 p.w (3%) which is okay; landlords are definitely more nervous and less cocky at the moment.
  • We are going to Byron on the weekend to see Fat Freddy’s Drop, which should be wicked mad: can’t wait!
  • I am going to attend my first ‘Cactus & Succulent Society of QLD’ meeting next Monday night in Brisbane: I hope to see one of these.
  • Work has been pretty shite: I can’t wait to be on holidays.
  • I’ve been checking out this Brisbane based photo blog: paletendril, which is fucking amazing.
  • We went to Canberra a week ago for a wedding. The weekend was full of mixed feelings but I couldn’t wait to get back to Brisbane: home is where you make it.

rearranging our apartment

We went shopping last Saturday and bought ourselves a pure latex mattress from ZenTai. We went for latex as it is a natural product and it doesn’t attract dust. Installing the new mattress inspired us to do a quick rearrange/redesign of our apartment. We are aiming for a more minimal/streamlined look incorporating succulent plants, neutral tones and some bright highlights such as the red ‘Love’ sign.

Apartment Rearrange One

Apartment Rearrange Two

Apartment Rearrange Three